An Introduction To A Healing Journey With Jesus

Jesus, as I experience Him, will be delivered gradually to you, over the course of many writings. My intent is to present Him, in the capacity of healer, in the way I witness Him at work in the world, as well as in the way I witness Him at work in my life. He represents Himself to me as a spouse, a brother, a friend, a healer, an instructor, and in the reflection of the accounts of Him that are written in scriptures.
I am committed as one who loves Him to present Him to those who need Him. This is in gratitude for the help He’d offered me, that transformed me from being the sorrowful orphan I’d been to becoming the person I am today, and that is a person who is inspired to see Him as He continues to perform the many miracles I feel perpetually blessed to watch Him manifest.
This is also in gratitude for His having altered the understanding I’d received, in which a world that was seemingly indifferent to my need for love, especially in the wake of having lost my parents, asserted that the violence I had then endured at being orphaned, resulted in my being no more than an unfortunate victim of abuse. He would in the wake of the world’s seeming indifference to my need for someone to go beyond labeling me, say that He loves me. He has from that time, continuously proposed that He has always been with me, and will forever be my companion.
Furthermore, He explained that His love of me had joined facets of His life to mine. Joined with Him, for instance, the child of God, that I’d become at being orphaned, had suffered terrible violence at the hands of men. He taught me that the wounding experiences I’d had, helped me learn experientially, of what He experienced during the time of His passion. It helped me realize that the wondrous words that have been written in reference to His passion, had remarkably taken form, that I might see myself joined with Him as the child of God. The words that take form, bring wonders as well as His terrors to the lives of those who have been joined with Him. I have learned to see myself with Him joined in experience as He integrated His spirit to mine, and I developed a practice of listening to Him.
What helped me to realize the integrity of the scriptural writings, are that I have had dreams that have revealed future events similar to people such as Joseph that have been described in such writings as those found in Genesis 37. But the words of wonder were not the only words that took form, for Jesus said that I, as a child of God, had joined with Him to suffer the Son of God’s most sorrowful passion. These words too, take form, being difficult as they manifest in one’s life, but also showing the integrity of the writings of the passion that have been documented.
I have come to regard life, as a living parable, and as multiple opportunities to watch the scriptural word being brought into manifestation. This being said, I will offer my experiences with Jesus, who is for me, the parable Himself made manifest through the conditions of life, in the form of journal entries, making references to the wisdom that I acquire through my experiences. I will include also descriptions of how I perceive Jesus in all of these works.
As I embark on this project I do so, wishing to remind you of that which is written in:

Psalm 23:4 (ESV) Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.

This speaks to the point that instruction is offered through a walk through troubling conditions. This does not mean that I fully understand Him, but that I am learning with Him as I make this life’s journey.
That being said, I wish to thank you for taking the time to read this introduction to the blog that I hope many will find helpful, as well as liberating for them, as the writing of God and his wondrous ways are for me.

Carol accompanied by Jesus